Why Clear Packaging?

  • Customers see the products they are buying. Products that sell themselves sell better.
  • Differentiates your product from competitors, attracts attention and creates a distinctive shelf presence.
  • Adds value to the product as only clear packaging can..
  • Promotes a distinct and innovative look and feel.
  • Excellent for seasonal packaging promotions and gifting.
  • Protects products with extreme durability and enables extended shelf life for reusable point-of-sale products.
  • Increases the likelihood of repeated use due to robust construction and easy identification of contents.
  • Sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials.

Leads to increased sales!


The clear way to showcase your product

Packaging is the first exposure the consumer has to your product. Clear plastic packaging boxes have many advantages over printed cardboard packaging. By allowing the consumer to see the actual products inside, Clear packaging provides a sense of confidence in your product and adds a distinct and innovative product packaging look and feel. Consumers can be confident there is no damage to the product, and product differentiation from competitors is immediate. Clear packaging is available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so it can be designed to provide a distinctive shelf presence. It especially suits seasonal packaging promotions and gifting. Clear packaging provides great durability, which results in extended shelf life for reusable plastic packaging point-of-sale products. And finally, it’s a great sustainable alternative as it can be made from recycled materials and is in turn recyclable.


Draw on our wealth of knowledge and experience

Over many years, Clear-pak has provided packaging to a wide range of industries including food and confectionery, gifts and promotional, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Chocolate 150x150


Clear packaging is a great way to showcase chocolate products, enhancing the look and protecting your product – let us design the perfect package.

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Confectionary 150x150


Let your confectionery products sell themselves – bright colours come to life when presented in clear packaging.

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Food 150x150


Our folding cartons, lid base boxes, and cylinders are perfect for packaging food products that are not required to be 100% airtight. There is no better representation of your product than being able to see the actual product.

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Gift 150x150


Clear packaging is a very effective way to showcase gifts. Enhance the package with print, foil, labels or bows – the perfect gift packaging solution!

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Cosmetics 150x150


Cosmetic products look great in their primary packaging so don’t hide them in a cardboard box. Clear packaging enables the consumer to make a quick decision as they can see exactly what they are purchasing.

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Pharmaceutical 150x150


Blister packs and folding cartons are the ideal way to package pharmaceutical products – being able to quickly identify the product is very important and a great selling point.

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Media 150x150


DVD sleeves, game covers, gift box sets – clear plastic packaging boxes are the ideal solution for your media packaging requirements.

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Promotional 150x150


A great way to promote your business – embellish with logos and graphics to make a big impression.

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Christmas and Easter gifts require packaging that differentiates from  competitors and everyday product lines. Clear packaging provides this distinction and also fulfills requirements such as product protection, food safety, cost effectiveness and easy packing.

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Apparel clear packaging


Clear packaging is a fantastic way to showcase clothing and accessories – customers can identify exactly what they are purchasing. Give your product the advantage at the point of sale!

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stationery Clear plastic hang carton


Stationery products look great in clear packaging – whether it be clear folders or a pen cylinder, your product will have the clear advantage.

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