You may have questions if you are new to clear packaging – some of your answers may be found below. If not, please contact us and our team will be ready to assist.

Q.   Are Clear-pak products suitable for direct food contact?


Yes, all our materials are certified food grade for direct contact. We adhere to a strict food safety programme so our factory and processes are suitable for food packaging. Certificates and policies are available here.


Q.    Is clear packaging more expensive than cardboard packaging?


Depending on the type of clear packaging, it can be either slightly more or less expensive than cardboard packaging. In all cases we believe that clear packaging adds value to your product, resulting in increased sales.


Q.  What’s the minimum quantity I can order?


This depends on the type of packaging, however for an economical price, quantities need to be 500+ units. For printed packaging, quantities of 1,000 units or more are required. For foiling and screen printed packaging, quantities of 500+ units are required.