For a large range of stock items available to order online, please click here to go through to Pack Queen, our distributer of Stock Products.

Innovative custom design and sampling

Whether it be a folding carton, cylinder, two piece lid & base box, clear plastic packaging can be designed in many different shapes and sizes


Using our computer aided design and 3D modelling, clear plastic and cardboard packaging concepts come to life in full 3D view.

Our in house sampling service ensures quick turnaround times so you can check that your product is showcased the way you envisaged.
Let your imagination run wild with fresh ideas for unique products that will increase your sales.

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Small and large quantities available to order online.

For a large range of stock items, including; Cube Boxes (from 40mm to 100mm2 ), Rectangular boxes, Cardboard Base/Clear Lid boxes and Cylinders.

Please follow the link to Pack Queen – a great solution if you require smaller quantities or other packaging products.

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